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Airstrikes Hit a Syrian School, Killing Dozens

A school compound in a rebel-held part of northern Syria was repeatedly hit by airstrikes on Wednesday in an assault that monitoring groups and rescuers said had left dozens of people dead, includi

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It’s no longer ‘business as usual’ for refugee education. Here’s why

It is easy to think about education and schools as a normal part of growing up: a bunch of children in a classroom with a teacher, textbooks, and other education supplies, with children busily lear

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Inside the school trying to give refugee children a second shot at learning

There are more than 60,000 refugees and migrants in Greece – thousands are children, including about 2,000 who are entirely on their own – many under the age of eight.

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Action needed to get 370,000 Syrian refugee girls into school

 Having fled with their families from the horror of war in their home country, 370,000 Syrian girls in turkey are out of school and at risk of child labour, exploitation and early forced marriage.

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UN warns universal education goal will fail without 69 million new teachers

Nearly 69 million new teachers must be recruited and trained in order to achieve global universal primary and secondary education, figures from the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisat

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