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Education can save this generation

The result of the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East is a lost generation of unschooled children.

This lost generation is the tragedy of our time.

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Yemen, a suffering Education

Yesterday marked 500 days since the escalation of conflict in Yemen—a disastrous milestone for the millions of Yemeni civilians under attack, forced to flee their houses and pushed into further pov

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Conflict is not an excuse not to attend exams in Syria

Having to cross conflict lines will not stop them as they aim to succeed and enjoy their right to education.

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South Sudan: a conflict disrupting education

UNICEF says Africa’s newest nation, South Sudan, is at the top of the list of countries where conflict is disrupting education. Over half of its children, 51 percent, are out of school.

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Cave school: in time of crisis, education matters!

One of the best definitions of how to meet a challenge exists here in this cave inside Syria in the village of Tramla in Idlib Province. 

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